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Case Study 4:

Increase Wine Club Direct to Consumer Sales

Challenge: Launch a direct to consumer sales program.


Summary: Created a customer relationship management program using targeted and segmented marketing tiers to gain bigger share of palate of current Chandon club members and to recruit new Club members. Motivated a sizable number of high-value sparkling wine consumers to increase their purchases of Chandon products and demonstrated that relationship marketing can generate substantial incremental sales through direct and at retail.


Initiative: Used the occasion of the Millennium to “upgrade momentum” and to win share.


  • Surveyed Chandon Club members and used information on individual customer attitudes, behaviors and preferences to increase relevance of messages and offers.


  • Developed programs including new Chandon occasions, mobilized Chandon Club members as missionaries to carry the message, offered Club members branded wine and non-wine products and rewarded missionary recruitment of new members.


Results: During the test period, retail sales were boosted 100% over the control group with more transactions and greater volume. Forty percent of Club members stated an interest in continuity sales. A $35 marketing investment in a “Club Member” returned $130 gross revenue and $25 in net profit.


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