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Our Process

Creative Problem Solving methods elevate marketing and PR practices. The discipline teaches us to use imagination, intuition and innovation to approach problems and solve challenges. The outcome is a consistent, high level of results.


1. Explore the Challenge: Listen actively. Understand the opportunity and the challenges with fresh eyes and ears. What is the vision? What does success look like?
2. Generate Ideas: Work closely with stakeholders to generate ideas and discover a clear, newsworthy brand story that is compelling enough to be transmitted by word of mouth.
3. Prepare for Action: Develop a messaging framework, identify influencers and media audiences with the greatest propensity to be interested in your brand. Set measurable objectives, target audiences, timetable and distribution channels.
4. Launch: Put our industry knowledge, years of experience, and strong relationships with media and influencers to tell your story, build your brand and foster networks of brand advocates.
5. Assess: Track, monitor, and measure each campaign to obtain optimum results, stay watchful for new and synergistic opportunities, act on feedback and work to ensure that the overall campaign is a success.

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