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What We Do


Elemental Meme turns brands into memes by combining traditional public relations with word of mouth for wine, spirits, food and lifestyle clients. We don't just get media coverage; we generate the kind of buzz that converts consumer recommendations into more repeat customers.


We live in the wine and food space and have deep, long-term relationships with writers and influencers that create social traction and drive traditional media coverage.


Our team has worked on some of the most successful wine and food brand launches in the U.S. We are highly skilled in content development, messaging and creating compelling brand stories with powerful hooks that people talk about and media want to cover. We take pride in the brand raves we’ve achieved  across all media – print, television, radio, online, and in the real world, through word of mouth that have built awareness and helped drive sales.


To strengthen your PR/Marketing mix and improve your bottom line, let’s chat about making your brand a meme.

Meme: spreading an idea, behavior, style, or usage from person to person.
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